Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Podcasts and I Robot

My instructor for LIS 451 Intro to Network Systems gave us podcast lectures in addition to the live lectures and labs. They served their purpose of filling us in on stuff that he didn't squeeze into the classes, and they were more fun than a handout.

I saw a Bollywood movie last night called Kambakkht Ishq (tame despite being produced by "Eros Entertainment"), so I looked for a podcast having to do with Bollywood and found one called Pod India : Bollywood - Indian News - Desi Celebrities - Hindi Cinema.

Speaking of cinema, I downloaded the e-audiobook, I Robot. (My first audiobook experience was listening to Grapes of Wrath on cassettes, a book that I didn't get through in physical form.) It started out with the president of US Robotics stepping down after 50 years. She was being interviewed by a reporter from the Intergalactic Press, and it was hard to differentiate her voice from the male voice she was interacting with! So I'm not listening to the rest of it, and I might look up the narrator of the Grapes of Wrath tapes, beacause he was great, and I still find myself quoting him/Steinbeck.

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  1. I learned at PLA last year that narrators gain huge followings! SPL catalogs narrators in the alternate author field, so when you find one you like, you can search for other books s/he did.